Have you ever looked at another woman’s life and wondered:

“How did she become so unbelievably free?” 

Someone said that to me recently:

“Wow. You are so unbelievably free.”

But I wasn’t always like this. 

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    At the beginning of 2008, I looked like I had it all. I was a real estate lawyer, married to a gorgeous guy, with a couple of kids, and I lived in a wood-shingled Craftsman in the Bay Area. I was a good lawyer, but my job felt like the death of my soul. 

    So I left to become a real estate broker, and I did…. okay. 

    I was smiling on the outside. But I felt like crying inside, because my life was totally and completely out of alignment. 

    I felt like I lived on the clock. I was busy all the time, fixing other people’s problems, creating calm out of chaos. But I never felt like there was time to invest in my own big ideas and dreams. 

    I felt like I was holding my breath for my life to really get started, even though I was in my 30’s. 

    I felt this great desire to really “make it” and I knew I had a ton of potential. But when I would sit down to do the things I knew would move the needle on my business or my life goals, I’d hit a massive wall of resistance inside. 

    So I set big goals, wrote detailed action plans. I went to retreats and took courses. I did therapy,  hired a couple of coaches, I read every self-help/business book and made some progress.

    But before long, the struggle switch inside me would flip back on. I started to worry that I’d never really live the great life I knew I was possible.

    And then it all fell apart. Between 2008 and 2010, I lost everything in the Great Recession. My home. My business. My marriage. One of my children, in a custody battle. 

    But when I lost everything, I gained the epiphany of a lifetime.

    I realized that I wasn’t fundamentally flawed.

    I realized that I didn't have a procrastination problem, a focus problem, or a personality problem. 

    My problem was my thinking.

    I was plagued by the same negative, fearful thoughts I’d been thinking since I was a little kid. They played on a loop in my mind and created a sort of inner glass ceiling on my life. These thoughts had chronically caused me to hide my light, ignore my own inner wisdom and hold myself back in some ways that were obvious, and other ways that were pretty sneaky.

    The problem I really had was an Inner Critic problem. 

    And when I truly began to transform my Inner Critic and heal my thoughts, it felt like a fever broke. 

    It felt like waking up from a lifelong trance. I got all this clarity and confidence about who I really am when no one else's opinion matters anymore.

    My whole life took off when I stopped being ruled by my Inner Critic and started bringing 100% of myself to the world. 

    I wrapped up my divorce, and my watershed season took off from there. 

    I got a phone call that led to a seven-figure job

    The CEO told me the main reason he wanted to hire me was that he could count on me to speak up, say what I mean and ask for what I need in the board room, unapologetically.

    I never even applied for that job. They called me.

    After a great run with that company, I started the business I’d dreamed of since I was a little girl. 

    And now, every day I get to do meaningful work with people I love and who love me… for wonderful pay. 

    There is nothing on my calendar that I didn’t personally choose to be there.

    There is no one I have to work with that I didn’t personally choose to work with.

    I do what I want, when I want… and I can do it anywhere I want.  

    I scrapped the book I’d been working on for years and rewrote the version that now has five stars on Amazon... in six weeks.

    I discovered an incredible internal source of energy that hasn’t run out yet... and it’s been more than 10 years. 

      Cut to:
      The Great Reset of 2020. 

      When COVID hit, a wave of high-achieving women and men came to me with the same pattern of problems I’d had all those years ago. Dozens said they felt guilty about it, but they felt relieved during the pandemic, because they got to stay at home instead of having to fulfill a bunch of obligations they never really wanted to do in the first place. 

      Their lives were way out of alignment. They were overwhelmed. Pulled in every direction. Busy all the time, doing all the things for all of the people. 

      They would freeze up when they had a really good thought or idea on a Zoom call for work, until they could think it through and present it perfectly… then they’d feel disgusted when someone else said the same thing, imperfectly, and got praise. 

      They were doing too much of the work themselves, at work and at home. They felt depleted. Distracted. Ungrounded. 

      They had big dreams and desires, but there was a big disconnect. When I mentioned the struggle switch, every single one of them said: “OMG I have that.”

      They were all in different places along their personal growth journeys

      • Some were still hearing the shaming thought loops of Inner Critic thinking, every time they tried to level up. 
      • Others had even graduated past the place where their Inner Critic was playing self-critical thoughts in their heads. 
      • Still others had long ago quit their shadow careers and were able to take easeful care of themselves, inside and out. 

      But they were all still running into their Upper Limits, over and over again. They were still  procrastinating. Still hitting perfectionism or Imposter Syndrome. Still putting their foot on the brake of their own lives, sometimes without even knowing they were doing it.  

      They were all still playing a smaller game than they came here for. 

      And they all felt like the pandemic was their Great Reset moment.

      While they were sheltered-in-place, every single one of them had looked inward, dug deep and decided that life was too short to keep playing small.

      They decided to stop hiding their light. 

      They decided to stop saying “someday.” 

      They called me. 

      And in our work together, they each made a single shift that began to click their lives into alignment, even during the pandemic. 

      Using the tools I’ve been mastering for over a decade, they transformed their Inner Critics, too

        What is your Inner Critic?

        Your Inner Critic is the internalized voice of fear and self-doubt. When you decide to go after your dreams and desires, your Inner Critic starts playing negative thoughts in your mind on an automatic loop, almost like a tape recording you have no control over. 

        Your Inner Critic says things like: 

        “You’re smart, but you’re not that smart.”

        “Do you know how many other people have tried to do that and failed?”

        “Who do you think you are?”

        “Nobody cares what you have to say.”

        “Who would hire you to do that?”

        “You’ve got bills to pay and kids to feed. Don’t be ridiculous.”

        “Later, you’re not ready yet.”

        Your Inner Critic stops you from making progress in your life in a bunch of other ways, too, like: perfectionism, procrastination, Imposter Syndrome, Superhero Syndrome, I’ll-Do-It-Myself Syndrome and an addition to fixing other people’s problems and crises.

        Long story short, your Inner Critic is the single biggest limiting factor on your life.

        But how do you stop thinking those automatic thoughts of fear, scarcity and self-doubt? 

        And then, how do you get into alignment so your life can finally take off?

        Here’s how:

          Introducing The Inner Critic Cure™

          My name is Tara-Nicholle Nelson and I’m The Inner Critic Coach™. 

          I’ve identified the 7 repetitive thought habits of your Inner Critic. 

          And I’ve created a toolbox of powerful techniques and step-by-step tools for transforming your Inner Critic thoughts so your life can finally take off. 

          In the last 3 years, I’ve helped over 50,000 people stop doubting themselves and start living their dreams, upgrading every area of their lives.

          Together, we rewired their negative self-talk at a level so deep they could feel the un-repression taking place, like space opening up in their physical bodies. 

          And now they think differently. They speak differently. They act differently. 

          Other people treat them differently. 

          They’re bolder now. 


          No more perfectionism. No more hiding. No more holding back.

          • Some have quit their shadow careers and changed jobs
          • Others have leveled up their fruitfulness and profitability at the work they were already doing  
          • Healed their marriages and found love.
          • They’ve started dressing how they want and doing what they want
          • Started speaking freely and powerfully.
          • They’ve put boundaries in place.
          • Started publishing their writing. 

          Dozens have jumped from soul-killing corporate jobs into beautiful businesses of their own. 

          One of my students recently moved to Spain… just because she’s always wanted to. 

          After 30 days of working with me:

          • 70% of my students say they are more likely to take action on their ideas
          • 72% say they hear the voice of their Inner Wisdom more loudly than before
          • 92% say they love themselves more than they ever have before and 
          • 100% say they are more consistent than ever with their self-care practices

          That’s what happens when you reclaim your thoughts and transform your Inner Critic.

          You stop hiding your light.

          You show up in the world as YOU. 

          It’s time to take the shackles off. 

          The Inner Critic Cure is:

          100% online, self-paced & easy to stick with

          • 24/7 access to 43 in-depth training video lessons
          • Advanced modules & in-depth workbooks for tricky Inner Critic issues
          • Mobile app for Recalibration Rituals and learning on-the-go — in the car, while your kids are at practice, even in the tub! 
          • Choose your track: 90 day intensive or fully self-paced
          • Optional live classes and group coaching sessions at different times, for your convenience 

          Real awakening, accountability and results

          • Specific, proven tools to stop sabotaging your career, creative output and relationships
          • Step-by-step techniques grounded in psychological science and spiritual wisdom
          • Learn exactly what to say & do when your Inner Critic flares up, no matter what life throws at you
          • Optional Accountability Tools and Partners for increased commitment, connection and community, at no additional cost.
          • 1:1 Accountability Mentors are available at an additional cost.

          Feel astonishing changes in just a few days

          • Feel the struggle dissipate and your energy skyrocket in 15 minutes a day
          • See thrilling changes in your inner peace and self-respect in less than a week
          • Get reacquainted with your own unique genius and start freely expressing it in the world

          Connect with other spiritual badasses who ‘get it’

          • Join our private, members-only Community after you certify that you’ve completed the 40-day negativity cleanse and mindset reset
          • Get advice from others who have been in your shoes and are living highly aligned lives
          • Get compassionate support from other high-vibe, high-achievers who are on the same journey of awakening

          Get 1-on-1 help from Tara herself

          • Attend Tara's live classes and group coaching calls
          • Get answers & personal advice from Tara in real-time
          • Know you can always ask Tara for help when things get tough

          How We’ll Transform Your Inner Critic 

          There are 12 toxic thought habits of your Inner Critic, which run like a low-grade trance in the back of your mind, all the time. These thoughts feel real, but they’re not true.

          They’re just thoughts that you’ve practiced for a very long time.

          The Inner Critic Cure is a program where you deactivate your self-doubt, rewire your fears with empowering new thoughts, and get into alignment with your True Self so that your life can finally take off.

          Together, we rewire your toxic Inner Critic thoughts with a series of step-by-step, powerful techniques and tools, so you can live a happy, highly-aligned life.

          I teach you this toolkit in three stages I call protocols.

            Stage 1: The Recalibration Protocol

            Stage 2: The Self-Actualization Protocol

            Stage 3: The Alignment Protocol

            Stage 1: Recalibration. First, we have to recalibrate your relationship with yourself and upgrade your automatic habits of thought.

            In this first stage, I help you start to see “the trance of your Inner Critic”. You’ll start to see these toxic thoughts for what they are, so they can stop running your life. 

            • You’ll take my Inner Critic personality assessment to identify the specific toxic mental narratives and thought patterns that have been holding you back.
            • You’ll stop allowing your mind and brain to be inundated with media, marketing and cultural messages that continue wiring in your Inner Critic thoughts. 
            • We’ll do this together during the first 40 days of the program with a whole-life negativity cleanse and mindset reset, all in one. (It’s kind of like the Whole 30 for what you allow in, on and around your mind.)
            • We’ll start wiring in new, empowering thoughts about the world and your place in it. 
            • The people in your life will notice that you’re different, and you’ll feel an inner peace that surpasses what you might have ever known is possible.

            Stage 2: Self-Actualization. Once the trance is broken, I’ll take you through a curriculum where you learn who you really are when you’re no longer under the influence of your Inner Critic thoughts. 

            • You’ll take my Inner Intelligence Personality Assessment battery, a series of assessments to help you understand and unlock your unique zone of genius, callings and shadows. 
            • You’ll begin to reclaim all the parts of yourself you’ve been hiding, shrinking down and holding back your whole life.
            • Energy will begin to flow back into you, as your True Self begins to wake up and come fully online. 
            • And clarity about your dreams and desires will start to download into your consciousness every day in golden threads of inspiration. 

            Step 3: Alignment. Once you know who you really are and what you want to do with your wild and precious life, the last tools in the Inner Critic Cure toolkit will help you get your life into alignment with your True Self. 

            • We’ll spot misalignments, then systematically work through 7 points of aligning your life in a proven transformational protocol.
            • You’ll discover the secrets of the most profitable, influential and spiritually-aligned people in the world.
            • You’ll get out of your comfort zone. And your Inner Critic will undoubtedly rear up, and you’ll learn how to flip its struggle switch OFF in real-time, anytime you need to. 
            • Soon you’ll be doing things your Inner Critic has stopped you from doing for years, whether you want to move to Spain or become a profitable, fulfilling business.

            After just 90 days in the Inner Critic Cure, you will: 

            1. Start doing things your Inner Critic has never let you do before, from a place of inner peace… not striving or dread
            2. Be lavishing yourself with regular self-care, radical self-acceptance, self-compassion and self-liberation 
            3. Be clearer than ever on who you really are and why you’re really here
            4. Have tools in your toolbox for working with your personal anxious or avoidant attachment style
            5. Begin to wake up from the trances of fear, scarcity, unworthiness and past disappointments
            6. Feel like your life is clicking into alignment and harmony with who you really are
            7. See how your Inner Critic limits your income and your love life, and put a stop to that
            8. Start bringing more of your True self to work
            9. Set down old baggage and reversing the self-hostility of your inner voice
            10. Unlock and leverage your long-hidden, unique spirit, personality and brilliance
            11. Learn how to speak up, promote yourself, say what you mean and ask for what you need in any situation
            12. Rebuild your self-worth on solid foundations that resonate for you, not on other people’s opinions or values

              Program Details: Here’s What You Will Get

              • 36 easy-to-implement Inner Critic transformation tools
              • 24/7 Access to 43 step-by-step video sessions you can watch in 15 minutes or less, at your own pace
              • A 12-minute guided Recalibration Ritual™ for each Inner Critic thought habit
              • The Inner Critic Personality Assessment 
              • The Inner Intelligence Personality Assessment
              • LIVE Recalibration Rituals on weekdays, weekends and at various times to accommodate your time zone 
              • Personalized, LIVE help from Tara during optional live classes and group coaching calls
              • Guided 40 day negativity cleanse and mindset reset with encouraging baby steps from me every day via SMS, email or mobile app
              • Advanced modules for subtle, tricky Inner Critic issues, including a deep dive on how to set goals and accomplish them, struggle-free!
              • The Inner Critic Cure mobile app, so you can recalibrate and learn in your car or while your kids are at practice
              • Downloadable playbook and workbook
              • Compassionate support and community other high-vibe humans on the same journeyAccess to advanced reading lists and archived Spiritual Strategy sessions at the end of each stage.
              • Choose your track: 90 day intensive or 1 year, self-paced.

              Your Investment

              One payment of $497

              Sign Up

              Refund Policy

              Due to the nature of this program, there are no refunds. 

              Our no-refund policy helps you stay committed to your own progress, even when it gets uncomfortable. 

              Frequently Asked Questions

              What’s the time commitment? The program is entirely online and 100% self-paced, though you may choose to take it as a 90-day intensive, if a deep dive is your jam. The track you choose impacts how much time you need to put in. 

              People generally spend anywhere from 15 minutes a day to 2 hours per week, depending on how much time they have and how intensively they want to move through the program.

              You can do anything for 15 minutes a day. But if you’re worried you’re too busy, I’ll show you how to free up some time to do this inner work so you can get your sovereignty back.

              Is this program religious? The content of this program is deeply spiritual, but it is not a religious program per se. I have worked through this material with Buddhists, Jews, Bahais, Christians, Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and many, many people who are atheists, agnostics and spiritual but not religious at all. 

              The spiritual technologies and concepts we work with in this program will work with any higher power of your choosing, even if your favorite higher power is love, truth or justice.

              That said: If me saying the word “God” “Divine” “Source” or “Spirit” will turn you off, this is not the right program for you.

              My friends call me a “course junkie” because I’m addicted to self-improvement courses! I’ve done so many programs before and failed to finish them in the allotted time. How will you hold me accountable to complete this one?

              If this concern is coming up for you, that means your Inner Critic is trembling in its boots, fighting to stay alive. It's a symptom of Inner Critic thinking to describe yourself as "addicted" to personal growth. Addictions are toxic, dysfunctional and unstoppable, even when you know they are harming you. What you're describing is having a growth mindset, being a lifelong learner, having a beginner's mind, and being joyfully committed to personal growth. I can't think of a better use of your time and money than becoming an even more joyful and fulfilled human!

              That deserves credit, not criticism. I’m almost always enrolled in 2-3 courses or working with more than one coach or therapist at a time. It’s just what a life of continuous growth looks like!

              You can choose your own track and pace through this program. Take it as a 90-day intensive if you want to go deep and move fast, or you can work through the materials at your own pace, over a year.

              You might fly through the first 8 lessons in a week, get busy and do no lessons for a little while, then encounter one technique that you need to practice in your life for a month or a year. You’ll have access to the program for a full year, and you’ll gradually come to trust that Divine Timing is real and even your delays are beneficial to you.

              Use this program to practice trusting that your Inner Intelligence will bring you to exactly the lessons you need, exactly when you need them. 

              Our students say this happens to them all the time. They also say that this particular Inner Critic work acts as a multiplier on all the other personal growth, professional development, business coaching and spiritual work they have ever done. 

              You’ll also get prompts, reminders and nudges from me and my team via SMS, email and the app, if you download it, so we’ll regularly reach out to you with various lessons and opportunities, after you’re enrolled. We’ll also invite you to participate in Accountability Groups (included in the program fee), if that interests you.

              I really like structure and accountability. I’m a little worried that self-paced means I won’t finish the program. 

              People tell us that they get more out of the first 7, fifteen-minute lessons of this program than they’ve gotten from years in other programs. 

              Don’t let your Inner Critic convince you that you’ll fail if you don’t watch every minute of every video. 

              For maximum flexibility, you can choose your own track and pace through this program and work through the materials at your own pace, over a year.

              For maximum structure, you can take it as a 90-day intensive if you want to move fast, or you can opt into an Accountability Group, included in your enrollment fee. 

              I know Tara is a certified money and business coach and has built several multi-million dollar brands and businesses during her career. Will I get any career, money or business coaching in this program? 

              Tara: When I first began to do my Inner Critic Work, I tripled my income one year. Then I tripled it again, the next year. 

              That’s because your Inner Critic is the #1 limitation on your income and success. Transforming your Inner Critic is the single most powerful thing you can do to shatter that invisible glass ceiling on your success. 

              The advanced modules in the Inner Critic Cure contain some specific business and money breakthrough tools, but every single tool and lesson you learn in this program will help remove the upper limits on your success and abundance, even the tools that don’t seem like they are technically about money or work.

              I don’t identify as stressed or chaotic inside anymore, and I’ve done a lot of inner work. Is there anything in this program for me? 

              As I’ve continued on this journey, the Inner Critic no longer plays like a tape in my head. But I joke that every time I add a couple of zeroes to my income, I hit a new layer of Inner Critic resistance. 

              If you’re advanced in your spiritual and personal growth journey, but you’re still trying to get your business or career in alignment, your Inner Critic might be sneakily placing an upper limit on your success and your capacity to create a whole life that aligns to your sacred inner self. 

              As a lifelong learner, you’ll devour the Inner Critic toolkit material, and the Advanced Modules will blow your mind. 

              I’ve taken a lot of self-improvement programs. The idea of transforming my Inner Critic seems kind of counter-culture. Will this program contradict the others I’ve taken? 

              The work you will do in this program will multiply the results of any program you take before, during or after it. And yes: It’s totally counter-culture, so if your previous programs were based on burnout culture values like self-shaming, hard hustle or “productivity hacks”, it will cancel that programming out. But the ultimate life and business improvement results you hoped to gain from your other programs will be better achieved and multiplied by what you learn here. 

              I am so overwhelmed with life right now. This whole world has gotten so intense. Should I wait to take this program when things calm down? 

              Your Inner Critic is the voice of “someday”, never “today”, and it will tell you to put this off in a desperate effort to stay in control of your life. Don’t let that happen. If you do nothing else but the Recalibration Rituals in this program, you will tap into a major well of inner resources, energy and resilience to face anything the world throws at you. And the day will never come when it seems like a great time to dive deep, get uncomfortable and do this inner work! 

              The truth is that every season of crisis is a portal for transformation. So use this season of reset to do the inner work you’ve needed to do for years.

              I promise you this: You are ready to outgrow your Inner Critic and all of the limitations it has placed on your life and your joy. It’s time to get your life back. Now, not later.

              Is this only for women? No. If you want to transform your Inner Critic and you’re comfortable in a community with many anti-racist, counter-culture, patriarchy-rejecting women, you’re welcome here, whatever your gender identity happens to be. 

              What if I can’t make the live sessions? We hold live sessions on weekdays, weekends, and various times of day to accommodate people in different time zones. 

              Even if you’re never able to attend live, you’ll always have the chance to submit your question in advance, and we’ll send you the video, audio and transcript of every session. 

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